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"Rope 'N' Timber Birdbath" #2271 - Henri Studio "Coyote Birdbath" #1955 - Henri Studio "Rope 'N' Timber Birdbath" Frogs ‘n’ Dragony Dish Accent No. D115T Birdbaths by Henri Studio

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Accent any outdoor setting or backyard garden with the beauty of a cast stone or bronze birdbath. Artisan Designs offers the ultimate assortment of quality birdbath designs in a variety of sizes and styles: pedestal birdbaths, rectangular birdbaths, hexagonal birdbaths, sundial birdbaths, prairie style birdbaths, tree-trunk birdbath, and dish birdbaths, to name a few. All of the birdbaths are available in a selection of finishes to help blend the birdbath with your landscape design.

Featuring Henri® Bird Baths

Henri Studio is the world leader in original cast stone outdoor furnishings and garden decor with an established reputation for quality, durability and unique design. Each Henri cast stone bird bath is a work of art in itself, with lavish sculptural details, rich coloration, and a selection of finishes. Bird bath styles and finishes can be matched to other Henri pieces such as planters, fountains, benches and statuary, giving the garden design coherence. Henri Studio is committed to producing artisan quality bird baths and statuary that will stand the test of time. See the Henri Studio Cast Stone Birdbath Catalog.

Birdbaths from Brass Baron

The Brass Baron has combined genuine brass sculpture with durable cast stone basins in their new line of BrassTones dish accents. These dish accents come in two sizes and colors. They make ideal petite ground birdbaths with the delicate detail of the bronze creating an eye catching decor for decks, balconies, porches, patios or gardens. See the Brass Baron Catalog.

  Henri Studio Cast Stone Birdbath Catalog 2022
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  Henri Studio Consolidated Catalogues 2022
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Birdbaths Wholesale to the Design Professional by Henri Studio

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Birdbath by Henri Studio "Gazing Globe Birdbath Ensemble" #7736GG - Henri Studio "Square Birdbath" #2257 - Henri Studio "Equatorial Sundial Classic Birdbath" #2267 - Henri Studio