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Grand Plazza Fluted Indoor and Outdoor Fountain No. 5125F29 Vialius Indoor and Outdoor Fountain No. 5395F Lion Wall Plaque Indoor and Outdoor Fountain No. 5253 Small Arch Monolith Indoor and Outdoor Fountain No. 5873 Murabella Flatwall Indoor and Outdoor Fountain No. 5661 Water Dragon Large No. D651FVL Grand Heron Pair Indoor and Outdoor Fountain No. A220FB

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Artisan Designs carries a wide selection of premium quality, handcrafted outdoor fountains and water features. Whatever your project, we have a wholesale outdoor fountain to showcase design.

• Outdoor Fountains
• Outdoor Bronze Fountains
• Outdoor Spouting Sculpture
• Cast Stone Fountains
• Outdoor Tiered Fountains
• Pooled Fountains
• Garden Fountains
• Pond Fountains and Pond Statuary
• Centerpiece Fountains
• Spouting Wall Plaques
• Outdoor Wall Fountains
• Outdoor Figurine Fountains
• Nature/Animal Figure Fountains
• Stone & Rock Fountains
• Lion Fountains
• Indoor Fountains & Water Features
• Large Dolphin Fountains

The Brass Baron
Bronze Fountains

The Brass Baron specializes in the design and production of brass pond sculpture, and fountain statuary of exceptional detail. Each fountain is hand cast using the “lost wax’ (cire perdue) method that creates subtle variations in color, finish, size and shape, making each Brass Baron pond sculpture ultimately unique. In the Brass Baron catalog, you’ll be delighted to find, spouting fish, frogs, seals, dolphins, dragons, mermaids and children. Most catalog items are stocked and ready for immediate delivery but there are other spouting sculptures that are available by special order.

Henri® Studio
Cast Stone Outdoor Fountains

Henri Studio is the world's largest designer and manufacturer of beautiful, outdoor cast stone fountains. Henri has built a worldwide reputation for quality, durability and original design. Each outdoor fountain is a work of art in itself, with lavish sculptural details, rich coloration, and a selection of finishes. Henri’s cast stone fountains come in many styles and sizes, from grand, classical, showpiece fountains to small, patio fountains. Henri’s catalog of original, exciting cast stone fountains is extensive, listing pooled fountains, tiered fountains, figurine fountains, lion fountains, wall fountains, centerpiece fountains, and nature fountains.

  Henri Studio Cast Stone Fountains Catalog 2022
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  Henri Studio Consolidated Catalogues 2022
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Cast Stone Finishes   Cast Stone Finishes
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  Brass Baron Catalog
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Wholesale Indoor and Outdoor Fountains
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Artisan Designs... Inspired Creations for Beautiful Living
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